Writer Reformed to Editor

I just got done editing the novel for the day. I’m tired. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I feel I needed to. I’m learning a lot about my own writing from going through and making many notes, on how every action, every description, every character thought performs a different function. There are some that are just color, that are made to put the reader in world. There are some that are set pieces, this is either color that’s reiterated and built upon over scenes, or actual foreshadowing of plot points.

I knew that my writing was visually driven, that I’d think of the characters automatically, and then would get a vision about them. I’m finding out in editing some of the shortcomings of that approach. For one thing, sometimes the visions are very stirring, but don’t quite fit. Sometimes they’ll change the trajectory of the plot, or will over-complicate characters.

It’s a good thing that I started to edit, and had an approach different from just rewriting, because it was clear that I could rewrite forever. I don’t believe I’ve been working on this for five years and six months. It’s kept me mentally healthy, literally it has. It would be nice if I could sell it, whether it started as fan fiction or not.

I’ve rambled enough. My mind isn’t up to anymore writing now. Dreaming: I’m all for it. Make a reservation.


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